Black Heritage Month

Every February, people across Canada participate in Black Heritage Month events and festivities that honor the legacy of Black Canadians and their communities. As a Catholic Community, we are called to live in solidarity. This requires that we learn from and about our brothers and sisters in Christ. We remind ourselves that being the Body of Christ means that we honor each person as a beloved member of our human family.

The Intermediate Division students (Gr. 7 & 8) selected a piece of art to replicate a famous Black artist, using the mediums and colours seen.  They painted the tubes and included a short biography to celebrate the artists from around the world.

The Junior Division students (Grades 4 – 6) created digital mosaic art pieces on an influential Black Canadian, using Google Drawing.  They also researched inspirational Black Canadians and prepared their biographies and shared them with their class. The Gr. 3/4 and 4 classes wrote biographies and the Gr. 5, 5/6, and 6 classes used a photographic essay format.

The Primary Division (FDK – Grade 3) focused on Art and Music by learning about Alma Thomas and Clementine Hunter (Art) Muddy Waters (blues legend) Willie O’ Ree (hockey player) Mae Jemison (Astronaut).  Working with our learning buddies to create an Underground Railroad map using “Ozobots”.   Projects focused on Black Canadian Trailblazers.

BHM Presentation
BHM Digital Mosiacs