Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Parents, do not leave your children unattended in the school yard before 8:50 a.m. or after 3:50 p.m. Respect and attention throughout Morning Prayers, our National Anthem and school announcements are expected from all students and adults in the building.

The Kiss and Ride area is intended for parents who are dropping off or picking up their child(ren). It is not intended for individuals who want to leave their vehicle to walk their child(ren) to the playground or to assist their child(ren) to leave the car. If you want to accompany your child to the fence of the playground, please park your vehicle on the street (or in another designated space) and walk your child to the school yard.

In an effort to make drop-off and pick-up as orderly and safe as possible we ask that drivers respect the following rules:

  • Obey the road rules, crosswalks, and speed limits.
  • Have your child(ren) enter and exit the vehicle from the curb side of the loop (exit from the right side of the vehicle only).
  • The Kiss & Ride area is one way only.
  • Your child(ren) should have their backpack on their lap to enable them to exit the vehicle quickly.

Never leave your car parked, idling or unattended.

Other options:

  • Carpool. Arrange to help each other out with pick-up and drop-off.
  • Discuss pick-up and drop-off routines with your children and be flexible with solutions as change is required.
  • Families with more than one child can help their children to organize a designated pick-up spot.
  • Park a block away and walk the last block to school with your child(ren).